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sick of social graces

Stupid Aquarius
4 April
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there is some old ass shit among these quarters

idk wtf you doin here, this journal is pretty much ded
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a Dissidia Kink/Wank/Art meme thing

LEFT TO DO : I - III - IV - VII - X [+ XI, Cosmos]

58, ace attorney, aladdin, amber riley, animation, art, bambi, barbie dolls, barret wallace, bartz klauser, bbc prime, beatrix, bioshock, bl, blue sky, blues, boys love, british comedy, cait sith, candy, cheese, chemical, chord overstreet, cid highwind, cinderella, classical, cleon, clothes, computer arts, cooking, cows, crack, dancing, dante, daxter, desperate housewives, devil may cry, dff, disney, disney princess, dissidia, dj, drawing, dreams, dystopia, eastenders, eating, emilie simon, fafi, fantasia, faris, fashion, fawn gehweiler, final fantasy, final fantasy ii, final fantasy ix, final fantasy v, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy xii, flute, freya, gay art, get backers, glee, graffiti, hades, harry shum, heidegger, hello kitty, hideo kojima, hip hop, html, jak ii, jazz, jungle book, junk food, justice, kefka, kingdom hearts, lion king, locke, louis armstrong, marvel vs capcom, mercedes jones, metal gear solid, mgs, mike chang, miles edgeworth, monsters, muesli, music, mvc3, naya rivera, no doubt, old school hip hop, phoenix wright, photoshop, pierre & gilles, pigs, pinocchio, playstation, porn, psp, reading, resident evil, rnb, royal crown revue, sam evans, santana lopez, sheeps, silent hill, ska, sleeping, snow white, song of the south, soul, spike spiegel, sprinting, sprite, squall leonhart, starry night, stars, strifehart, swing music, tex avery, the full monty, the prodigy, togainu no chi, video games, vivi, volleyball, walt disney, world ends with you, writing, yaoi, zack fair, zackxcloud, zidane


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