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Stupid Aquarius
04 April 2014 @ 04:04 am

You know, like. This is where you comment and all if you've friended me so I can actually know and friend you right back.

Not that this is a friends only journal, though some entires are friend-locked, I'm just trying to avoid this stupid thing of not realizing who's bothered to friend me. Don't shy away and go unnoticed! I want to get to know you, you know!
Stupid Aquarius
22 May 2011 @ 10:03 pm
itching all over. my face, my shoulders, my vag (i swear i am not even kidding here) - itching like burning and i want nothing more than to roll on a floor with broken glass.

i am never eating fucking fruit again. i probably say this every time i do the same mistake, but this time i swear it upon my life because the reaction i am having and dealing with now is just unbearable

i have this weird thing how i can't eat certain fruits - coincidentally they were all my favorite fruits at some point. strawberries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apples - i used to eat these things AVIDLY until one day, poof! i couldn't eat them anymore. i'd get a reaction where my mouth and throat would itch and sometimes i'd get swelling or i'd immediately throw up the eaten fruit. this was since 6, or 7 years ago. maybe even longer.

anyway TODAY there was a bowl of cherries just sitting there on the kitchen table calling at me so i went ahead and ate one - normally when it's just a small amount, the reaction isn't so bad. then later i decided to cook some of the cherries with apples (that's one of the ways i'd satisfy my cravings, because apparently when these offending fruits are cooked i don't get a reaction, although i rarely bother doing this since it's kind of a hassle). so yeah, did that all and ate some of it then stored the rest in the fridge. about an hour later i am getting some serious swelling, my face is BURNING and so is different parts of my body - now i'm even coughing with a fucking sore throat i can barely talk (and it painnss) and my nose is running to the point my keyboard will need some serious cleaning. i am feeling sick like a bitch, i hate this feeling to flaming death. all this because of a sodding cherry, imagine that. the worst part is i could've avoided this mess if wasn't such a greedy idiot

the only fruit I will ever eat again is banana, seeing as how it's the only one that doesn't try to kill me when i eat it

really random vent, sryyy

right gonna sleep this cunting uncomfortable feeling away (i don't handle being ill well at all apparently)
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Stupid Aquarius
15 November 2010 @ 11:11 pm
I just want to make a general apology.Collapse )
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Stupid Aquarius
16 May 2010 @ 05:16 am
Is pretty much how I can sum up the last few months.

Oh SA, where did you run to?Collapse )

In March after being harrassed to I joined an online Dissidia tournament! lol i did terrible but rofl, it helped me get over my shyness and fear of battling online. It was loads of fun and while I totally didn't expect it, I won one match! Whoo go me! Not sure if any of you have a PS3 with Adhoc-Party but if any of you are up for it let's battle some time! <3

Right, got lotsa f!list catching up to dooooo!
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Stupid Aquarius
06 September 2009 @ 01:20 am
sdfasfafff brb busy fangasming for like the next month or so. i got it on the 2nd of September, which is a little early for the EU release date. I wasn't supposed to get it that early either, it was all a stupid accident lol. An AWESOME stupid accident! The Limited Edition pack however, which I got, is kinda shit though. Well, no , that's an overstatement - the artbook is shit, let's just say. Because it is. It seriously fucking is. It's basically the same mishmash garbage we've been seeing for the past 3 years - yes, that's right! Those very same Nomura arts! Plus renders of their ExModes and alts but it's still underwhelming. i also don't get why they couldn't just say postcards instead of lithographs.

And while I'm at it, I remember talking about this idea but here is me officially pimping it: remember that 589 comic thing I talked about? Well I created an account for it since I finally know what I'll be doing. I won't say what! You'll just have to wait and see (^¦ There's also a separate account for Dissidia doodles and stuff which will have something whenever I can get on my comp and scan all of my scattered drawings.

yeah as you can see i am way riled up by this thing. I think it's great that I'm picking up on my drawing momentum, it's been ages since I've been this inspired to draw this much. It probably also helps that I actually have time now! all i need now is a confirmation on if i got the job to work at an underground club as a VJer, and that would really make my week ~ oh yeeeeeeeaarrrr

also th3newblack how did you get Cecil to Lv100 in like two days? lol did you not sleep at all. i practically didn't either, and even if i add up all the guys i leveled up it gets up to like, 50 something. TELL ME YOUR SECRET
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Stupid Aquarius
20 October 2008 @ 02:59 pm
As a mini jabber, I'M ON HOLIDAYS YES!!! I suddenly feel less suicidal. Also I recently got Odin Sphere. It's kinda boring so far (mostly blame the lack of interesting characters, but I'll see how that unfolds later on) but the gameplay and art direction (more importantly) is really spiffy. But overall, I find it very appealing. The music as well~ <3

Changed elJay layout. I was getting pretty sick of the page-stretching un-cut shit people were posting on my flist, since my layout was pretty small. Though that's less of a problem now. I do wish I could change the floral images though

On saturday I was out with a friend to look for shoes, and whilst we were browsing in some shop a bunch of girl "racailles" (french term for chavs /:) were laughing at my friend's bald head (yeah, she's bald.) In retort, she went up to them and said:

"You know what cancer is? Think about it before you laugh at others."

OH GOSH. I can't tell you how the face on one of the girls was absolutely PRICELESS. No, my friend doesn't really have cancer but I think it was a good lesson for those dumb tarts who were taking a piss at her bald head. ):